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We offer a swimming mermaid program with training and courses.

Our courses are designed to provide fun in a safe way.


The basic Mermaid Course is where we become familiar with the mermaid tail and basic mermaid strokes in shallow water.

We divide this course into 2 classes: Little Mermaids (2-10yo) and Mermaids (10+)


Basic Mermaid course includes:

  • Mermaid Introduction

  • Mermaid tail fitting and rental

  • Theory session: learn about swimming with the tail, safety, and equipment

  • Directed Photoshoot: learn the most striking mermaid poses

  • Practical skills session: learn the four basic swim strokes, breathing techniques and posing underwater

  • Freestyle session – a chance to practice new skill (max 3m depth)

  • Certificate of achievement



8:00 Student ready at Posto Dormire Hotel

8:30 Theory start at the classroom in the Hotel 

10:00 Photoshoot Mermaid

10:30 Students practice mermaid swimming in the pool

11:30 Lunch time

12:30 Certification


Requirement: Be able to swim

Price : IDR 2.500.000 / course

Basic Mermaid Course


In this level you will experience basic freediving skills with a mermaid tail.  You will learn breathing technique, snorkeling technique, handstand and bubble blowing as well as an introduction to the underwater world.


Advanced Mermaid course includes:

  • Everything that the Basic course includes plus

  • Introduction to and theory on Advanced Mermaiding

  • Advanced swimming techniques and proper use of snorkeling gear.

  • Learn how to execute handstand, bubble blowing and underwater Mermaid skills

  • Mermaid makeup tutorial

  • Advanced breath-hold techniques

  • Practice rescue and self-rescue exercises

  • Learn how to safely equalize (max depth 10m)

  • Certificate card of achievement



17:30 student ready at Senayan pool

18:00 Theory for Advanced Mermaid

19:00 Pool practice

19:30 Photoshoot

20:00 Finish and Dinner


Requirement: Have finished the basic Mermaid course.

Price: IDR 3.500.000 / course

Advanced Mermaid Course

We offer 30 minutes tail rental, where you will be assisted and led through series of Mermaid poses by our Mermaid instructor. After the session you will receive the pictures by E-mail.


This exclusive experience includes:

  • Mermaid tail fitting and rental

  • Directed photo-shoot at pool

  • Swimming is not permitted

Mermaid Photo-shoot

Take the first step to the world of freediving. Forget everything you knew about diving and immerse yourself in a new world. In Collaboration with Freediving Society.


Introduction to Freediving course includes:

  • All professional freediving equipment.

  • Course study materials.

  • International certification


Course outline:


  • Introductions and sign ups

  • Theory session: Equipment, Physiology, Diaphragmatic breathing, Freediving basic principles.

  • Breathing and relaxation, breath hold coaching, intro to breath holding

  • Confined water session - Static apnea, Dynamic apnea with fins, streamlining, finning technique,


Requirement: Be able to swim

Price : IDR 2.500.000 / course

Introduction to Freediving

We are offering weekly training sessions for the mermaid students who want to train their breath hold, mermaid swimming skills. An underwater photographer is present during the training for the mermaids who want to practice their poses. The training schedule is on Wednesday at 18:00 - 20:00 at GBK Aquatic Pool Senayan (Diving Pool). The pool entry fee is 100.000 IDR per mermaid.

Regular Training
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